Who really likes beginnings? Everyone calls it a fresh start, a clean slate, like something to be embraced. But let’s face it , fresh starts are scary. Take the first day of a new job. Your head is swimming. Your knees are knocking. You’re awash in self- doubt, uncertainty. Am I doing the right thing? Did I make the right choice. Will I fail? And it’s not just jobs, it’s other things, big things, like parenthood, moving, should I wear the boots or the flats.

But in reality every day is a new beginning, every hour, every second. With each tick of the clock it’s a new moment to choose. Again and again and again….well, you get the picture. Choices. It’s all about choices. Did I choose the right job, the right husband, the right shoes?

This blog is a beginning for me. I’m not claiming to know everything. But one thing I do know is that I must seek daily guidance and inspiration in order for me to live my best life. Through this practice of daily alignment through inspirational reading, videos, appreciation and prayer, I’ve managed to find the inspiration and the strength to face each day and find the joy that is my legacy.

Through this blog I will share with you the ideas and the insights revealed to me on my daily journey. With the hope that my inspirations will, in turn inspire you to begin attracting magic.

Attracting magic is my goal. Each morning I spend time creating a vibration that will attract joy. I pre-pave, I appreciate, I watch videos, I pray. Sometimes I make it till noon before the world comes crashing in and I lose my positive vib. Sometimes I make it through the day. Sometimes I crash and burn by 9 a.m. But the next day I’m back at it. Because I know a life of attracting magic was my goal before I came here. And it is the desire of my creator for me. I am my only roadblock.

I hope you choose to walk with me on this journey. We’ll grow together…..and begin ATTRACTING MAGIC.

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