Writing the script for your life

I was listening to a youtube video by Abraham HIcks this morning, “Define what you want to be and stay in character”.  You”ll find I love Abraham Hicks.

The basic concept was looking at your life as though it is a play that you’re writing on a moment to moment basis.  You are the main character and all the other characters play off you according to the vibration you choose.  Remember, thoughts have vibrations and people are meeting you on that vibrational level.  What you give out you get, whether you like it or not.  It’s like tuning your radio to 100.3 and expecting to hear the music on 98.6.

So back to the play analogy. You get to decide…are you the prosperous person….are you the revered and respected person?  Or are you inadequate, uncertain?  Even asking myself those questions, gave me a thrill.  Could it be true…could I really be all that I want to be.  Even the thought made me square my shoulders and stand a little taller.

Don’t worry about how others will respond.  The minute you try to get into someone else’s head you lose your point of attraction. In fact,  I’ve discovered recently that whenever I’m thinking about someone else, it’s often in a worrisome mindset and it knocks me completely out of my positive vib.  You can’t get sad enough to make someone else happy…sick enough to make them well…or poor enough to make them rich.  Trust in God.  He’s taking care of them.

So back to writing the script of your life.  Define who you are and stay in character.  And let the universe begin showing you evidence of this new persona.  The more you believe it the more evidence will be revealed.  The law of attraction. It’s a beautiful way to live.  Full of fun and endless possibilities.  But don’t forget to meditate.  Connect to God.  Therein lies the power.  It’s no fun to go it alone and life is supposed to be fun.

So start writing the new improved script of your life. and start…..ATTRACTING MAGIC!!!

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