This is a real quickie but I couldn’t wait to share it.  I think it will help you throughout the day.  I was listening to Joel Osteen and he had a whole sermon on laughter.  He talked for a half an hour about how laughter was so good for you, not just improving your mood but also your health.

I was driving in my car feeling a little down.  There was nothing funny going on, at all.  I couldn’t think of one humorous incident that might help me  conjure up a chuckle, especially in my present frame of mind.   I thought, what the heck,  I’ll try it, anyway.  I burst out with a few fake sounding ha…ha….ha’s.  And instantly, I noticed a rise in my mood.

So what do you know, he’s right.  Laughter, even fake laughter can raise your mood.  I invite you to try it.  I’m fake laughing all over the place.  Join me, and start…..ATTRACTING MAGIC.

2 thoughts on “Laughter

  1. I am enjoying your blog Lynn. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts and inspirational messages. I will try the fake laughing. One of my work out friends always has two jokes to share with us ladies, and they always get us laughing. I tend to be a smiler. I love it when I smile at a stranger and they smile back. A baby in a shopping cart looked at me, I smiled a big smile, and the baby broke out into a big smile too. I thought how interesting that we shared a feeling without making a sound. Peace begins with a smile according to Mother Teresa. But peace may very will begin with laughter as well.


    1. Hi Karen, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog. It touched me when you said you and the baby shared a feeling without making a sound. What a beautiful observation. Your comment was so beautifully written. I enjoyed reading it. Love and blessings to you.


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