Welcome. I’m feeling especially enthusiastic this morning.  So I want to extend to all my fellows travelers on this life journey, a vibrational hug and high five and thumbs up for caring so much about how you feel.  For realizing that you can feel better and you can contribute to the well-being of those you love and the world in general.  You are great.  You are loved beyond your ability to comprehend.  Doesn’t that make you feel wonderful?

I’m inspired to write thes words.  My purpose in life is to shine goodness on the world and thereby expanding it.  To seek out the goodness in each person and each situation and by giving my attention to it… will expand.

Wow.  Think of it.  If each of one of us does that….that simple thing.  What would the world be like?  I’ve heard it said that one person aligned with God is more powerful than a million that aren’t.  Mother Theresa said that she would never join an anti-war movement.  She would only join a peace movement.  Find something that you like, something you resonant with and support it and through your attention to it, it will expand.

Find a candiate that you like and get behind him/her.  Don’t waste your time and more importantly your creative power railing against someone you don’t.  Make a list of ten positive aspects about your husband, your child, your neighbor, your govenment.  Focus on those ten and you will cause them to grow.  We have the power to create the world that we want.  Look for the good that is already there….focus and start……ATTRACTING MAGIC.

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