I had a revelation this morning.  School has started and I take my grandkids to school every morning.  And every morning we go through a litany of questions and answers…who created you.. God….who is with you at all times, loving you guiding you, streaming every good thing toward you….God.  Then we do a few ‘I Am’ statements.

I was thinking about that process we go through as I was beginning my meditation.  I was thinking, too, about a friend who is going through a difficult scary time.  And I was noticing how we all tend to “go it alone”.  Sure we pray……we beg for God to decide to heal us.  At least that was my image.  When I was little, in church one day, the minister, during his sermon, said that God might ask us to go live on a desert island.  And right then, the image popped into my head of me alone without my mom and dad.  And I right away started hoping God wouldn’t notice me.  Hoping he wouldn’t single me out and choose me to move, make me live all alone without my family.

But now, over the years, I realized I’ve kept that image subconsciously in my mind.  Kept   thinking of God from the perspective of a six year old, a little bit leery…..a little afraid of him.

The truth, as I know it now is that God loves me and I can trust God.  And he’s given me the law of attraction which proves he loves me.   He is streaming well-being toward me at all times.  Abundance in every area of my life.  But he won’t impose this abundance on me.   I must connect with it….with him.  When I’m in sync with God when I’m thinking the thoughts of God I’m aligned.  I can receive.  How do I sync up.  Meditation….appreciation.  Clearing my mind of all thought for 15 to 20 minutes and allow God to speak to me.  Then I begin my day and I can tell how I’m doing by how I feel.  Am I feeling grumpy?  I’ve lost my connection.  No, problem.  God’s still streaming well-being.  I can hook up again.  It’s all there.  He’s ALWAYS there.  And Law of Attraction is how I can tell.  I can tell if I’m hooked up by how I feel and what I’m thinking.

So, the question is:  why wouldn’t everyone take a few minutes in the morning to hook up?   Are you a little leery, a little afraid?  Do you think you’re not worthy?  Whatever the reason that’s holding you apart from God.  It’s also holding you apart from living in your power.  Living your best most abundant life, NOW.  All the power is there.  All the love, all the guidance from divine source.

My deepest desire is that my grandkids can learn this way earlier than I did.   That they can realize they don’t have to “go it alone”.  That God is always there and that the power to live a happy successful life lies through our connection to God.

Have a wonderful day my friends and start…..ATTRACTING MAGIC.

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