It’s all about the brain waves


I’m really excited to share with you something I learned the other day.  I signed up for on online intense workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza.  I’m a huge fan of his books and videos.  he said something that made the puzzle pieces slip into place.  . He said, and I’m paraphrasing, that almost everyone lives in a state of stress, in the flight or fight mode.  When we’re in that state our brain waves move from alpha or low beta into high beta.  Our body reacts by sending blood rushing to our extremities, our only concern is survival. While in that state the parts of the brain send incoherent messages to the other parts of the brain and to the systems of the body.  This is not a time for learning or healing.  While in high beta the more we analyze the problem, the more we drive our brain further into high beta.

But here was the thing that really hit home with me.   He said: while our brain waves are in high beta,   we are physically incapable of looking at things rationally.  WHAT?  Physically incapable? Abraham Hicks says  It’s not possible to solve a problem from the vibration of the problem.  You must get into the vibration of the solution.  So how can I possibly do that, you ask?

MEDITATION. It lowers the brain waves to alpha.  While in alpha the brain waves slow.  The brain starts to send coherent signals to other parts of the brain and to the body.  We can think rationally.  We can see possibilities.

This crystallized when I dropped my granddaughter off to school and she started crying because she thought she was late.  She got herself worked up into a hysterical state.  Though I tried to remind her how much she was going to enjoy being with her best friend in class she wasn’t listening.  Then I heard Dr. Joe in my head.  She can’t hear you.  She’s in fight or flight.  Her brain waves are in high beta. So we stopped and did a quick meditation  in the car. After several minutes, her breathing calmed.  She became visibly calmer.  The short meditation had lowered her brain waves from high beta to alpha and she could think more clearly again.  She could once again see the joy and not the threat.

So now, I’m starting to analyze from what state of mind I am making my decisions, high beta… where I’m incapable of logical thought…or low beta or alpha, where all parts of my brain are firing and wiring together.    I hope you find this helpful, my friends.  Have a blessed day and begin….ATTRACTING MAGIC.




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