Pass it on

I’ve just returned home from taking my granddaughter to school.  I feel compelled to share with you our morning ritual.  The ritual I have conducted with each of my three grandchildren every morning of every day of their career in elementary school.

First:  we close our eyes and I have her take a deep breath pulling  God up into her body through her feet, her tummy, to the top of her head.  Then exhale.  Then she takes a deep breath and pulls God down from heaven and fills every cell of her body from the top of her heads to the tips of her toes. And exhale. Then she takes one last deep breath and pushes God ten feet all around her, in front, in back, to the right, the left, above and below.  I tell her to feel him surrounding her, hugging her, guiding her, and loving her.  One loud exhale and we’re done.

Second:  We do a few I Am statements.  I say I Am and she fills in the blank.

Third:  We say 3 times fast and loud:  Bender’s are leaders.

Fourth:  Who created you, I ask her.  God, she replies.  Who is with you at all times loving you, guiding you, streaming every good thing toward you.  And she replies, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Fifth:  How do we create our life, I ask.  Happy thoughts, she answers. I ask her to name one happy thought.

Sixth:  Two final statements.  I say,  I am going to change the world…..she says, by being me.  And tell her that God created her exactly how he wanted her to be and she doesn’t need to change one thing.  He loves her exactly as she is.  Finally, I say, everything is always…..working out for me, she answers.  And then I give her my blessing.  The favor of the Lord be with you.  A hedge of protection be around you.  And the joy of the spirit be within you.

Why do I do this?  Because our only real power lies in our connection with God. I know this so clearly.  And it’s my deepest desire for my grandchildren to grow up  living by this knowledge.  Witnessing the power in their own lives.  Will they fail?  Will they get knocked done, discouraged?  Heck yes.  But it’s my fervent prayer that the words we repeated over and over, morning after morning will come back to them and they’ll know that they have the power to rise up victorious through the power of God.

Isn’t it worth taking the time to get connected ourselves?  To live in our power.   Who will tell them these things?  Who will demonstrate the power of living a life connected to God, if it isn’t you? God leads us through many different avenues, holy books, church, youtube videos, sirius radio….dare I hope this blog.   So make it a top priority,  get connected, using every avenue you can find and start…..ATTRACTING MAGIC….for you and your family.

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