I listened to an Abraham Hicks, on youtube.  “Stop overwhelment and self-sabotage”.  It was all about finding satisfaction.  I always take notes and I wrote this down….satisfaction is the absence of resistance, the key to everything I want.  That is my quest: satisfaction.

But it isn’t until you incorporate the words into your life and your heart that they come alive for you.  In every situation, in every moment in your life there are a myriad of satisfying and unsatisfying things going on around you.    Example: as I was getting ready for my shower, I noticed some mold on my shower wall (please don’t judge me). Almost simultaneously I noticed the beautiful breeze flowing in from my open window.

I had a choice in that moment.  I could have focused on the mold and how disgusted I was about it.  And the universe would have brought me more thoughts like it and that would have gathered momentum.  But instead, I choose the breeze and I reveled in the delicious feeling  on my skin.  And then I was prompted to rush right here and share this revelation with you.  Because it’s so simple isn’t it?  And once we’re aware of the simplicity of it all, of life, you will never be able to go back.  You will have expanded.  You will be more aware in every moment of the choice and perhaps, once today you will choose to ignore the unsatisfying aspects of any given moment and instead you will make a conscience decision to choose satisfying.  And tomorrow you might make the choice two times and after awhile you’ll begin to notice you’re looking for the satisfaction in life.  You’re beginning to enjoy life more.

Choose satisfaction and begin…..ATTRACTING MAGIC.

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