Hello friends.  Circumstances seem to be coming at me hard and steady lately.  I feel on shaky ground some of the time.  I use my processes I’ve learned but sometimes nothing seems to work.  But I still persist.  I continue to saturate myself in the words and the promises of God.  Because I know there is no other way to live a happy victorious life.

I mediate every morning.  It’s crucial.  When you sleep, your negative vibrations subside.  But usually, upon waking, it’s the habit of all of us, to pick up the burdens and worries from the day before.  However, while meditating you clear your mind for 15-20 minutes.  Your vibration rises and and you are able to connect with the miracles God has in store.

This morning I was inspired to start a list, THE THINGS I’M LEAVING IN GOD’S HANDS.   My first listing was about the dog shredding the wallpaper off the wall.  Luckily, she’s only ten inches high.  When I place something on the list, I have faith that God is taking care of it.  Faith that I will be inspired to take a certain action or to find the extra wallpaper that is hidden somewhere in this house. Faith that he is moving the puzzle pieces of my life around in a fashion to answer every prayer.

I want the list as tangible evidence of his loving guidance and presence in my life on a moment to moment basis.

There are 3 other things on my list and it’s only 10:30.  The point is when I placed them on the list, I experienced a sense of peace.  I don’t have to worry about the problem or dilemma and

go over and over in my mind how to solve it.  I need only wait for God to surprise and amaze me.  I’m free to fill my mind with other satisfying thoughts that keep me open and receptive to God’s urgings. And when I dwell on these pleasant thoughts for as little as 2 minutes the Law of Attraction will bring me more thoughts like it.  The Law of Attraction is always at work, positively or negatively.

I urge you to to seek out and utilize every avenue you can find to saturate yourself in the promises of God.

So why don’t you start your own list of,THE THINGS I’M LEAVING IN GOD’S HANDS, and start ATTRACTING MAGIC.

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