Can I LIKE the outcome of trouble?

I meditated today using  the guided meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  The forty minute one.  In my meditation he said that God, my Source, is arranging things so I’ll LIKE the outcome. I guess I never thought I could end up LIKING the result of contrast, adversity,  trouble.  I guess I always accepted that I would have to put up with, adjust to what the adversity brings.  But today, it became clear that I never really believed that God could arrange the outcome so I would LIKE it.  Huh.

Can I really say when I’m in the middle of something awful that I’ll LIKE the outcome? Can I really trust that God will work it out.? So I don’t have to conform to what I don’t like, to force myself to accept less.  Dare I believe that God is working things out so I’ll actually LIKE the outcome? An amazing thought, isn’t it?  Liberating.  Even to contemplate the possibility that this could be so makes me feel lighter, freer.

Can I trust God enough?  Do I have enough faith?  Jesus says that if I have faith the size of a mustard seed I can move a mountain.  Huh.  I’m beginning to see how I can create my life secure in the knowledge that God intends for me to live a life I enjoy….I LIKE.  I’ll be giving this lots of thought.  I hope you will, too.   Start ……ATTRACTING MAGIC.


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