Encouraging Words

I had the most beautiful text message this morning from my niece in another state.  She said her son wanted me to know he made the basketball team.  Then she said thanks for encouraging him.

At first, I was puzzled.  And then I began to recall wisps of a conversation he and I had shared in the car months earlier when I had been down visiting.  I was driving us somewhere and I think we were alone.  I remember he mentioned something about basketball and how he was going to try out but he hadn’t played before and he didn’t know if he would make it.

The  details of our conversation are vague.  The exact words  escape me.  But I know I encouraged him to believe in himself, in his power to create the life he wants to live.  I know I probably pointed out  what you think you attract.  Like Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t.  You’re right.”  A belief is just a thought we keep thinking.  Perhaps I pointed out that thoughts have vibrations like radio waves.  You can’t expect to hear the music on 100.3 when your radio is tuned to 95.5.  I hope I told him that all his power lies in his connection to God and that nothing is more important than strengthening that connection on a daily basis.  The noises of the world clang loudly.  It’s easy to miss the whisper….come this way.  This is the way to empowerment.

If you’re reading this you are an encourager.  The world needs to hear your voice now more than ever.  Especially our young people.  The older they get, alas, our moments of influence become more serendipitous and more infrequent.  So prepare.  Strengthen your connection.  Meditate, quiet your mind.  Hear the whisper and start….ATTRACTING MAGIC.

7 thoughts on “Encouraging Words

  1. Fantastic Post! Thanks for the reminder to encourage others daily. You are a great teacher. You always have been. 🙂


  2. Great post. Such an inspiration to all. Yes kids today need the encouragement that God’s word gives. 😊


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