Finding The Authentic You

In the last blog I talked about new adventures and I encouraged everyone to take a leap, try something new.  This time I’m hoping we can dig a little deeper.  Go beyond going to a new coffee shop or taking a new route to work.  What about if we do that thing that has been scratching for attention, maybe for months, probably for years.  We all have those secret yearnings, the new business you’d love to start, the job at church you’ve been hesitant to volunteer for.  The passion you’ve been longing to pursue.  You feel a nudge to take the leap but then something stops you dead in your tracks.  Usually this “thing” you’ve been pondering is life changing in some way.  And if you delve a little deeper, it’s probably the very thing that will give your life meaning….a new purpose.

So why don’t we do it?  Why do we stay locked into this life of sameness and mediocrity?  It’s all about our thoughts.  Did you know that the brain of a child from the age of birth to six operates primarily at the lowest EEG levels, which are known as delta and theta.  This has been described as a hypnagogic state.  Is that relevant to this discussion, you’re probably asking.  Extremely.

In the theta state a child’s brain is only capable of observing and downloading information.  She has no ability to decipher right from wrong or true from false.  She is simply downloading all the limiting beliefs, the negative comments and labels that she’s heard from her parents, teachers, friends. That becomes her reality. Those programs become hardwired into her brain.  That is the set of beliefs from which she will make  decisions and judgements  for the rest of her life.  Unless she makes a conscious effort to reprogram herself at some later date in life.  So when someone says to you, you’re just like your mother.  Of course, you are.  Why wouldn’t you be?

I was blown away by this.  And that is why I wanted to share it with you.  This bit of knowledge is life-altering. I was completely staggered to think that  as an adult  I was still making decisions and judgements based on the downloads of a six year old

With this bit of knowledge you can see why almost everyone tends to stay in the same old rut.  It’s the mental program we’ve been running for years.  How do you overcome these programs?  By being aware is the first step.   The phrase, “A belief is just a thought you keep thinking” takes on new meaning, doesn’t it?

When I discovered this information, it lit a fire in me.  I was no longer willing to live by somebody else’s thoughts and beliefs that I had downloaded in my youth.  I wanted to find out what I really believed.  I began reading.  I want to share some of the authors that shaped my “new thinking”.   Bruce Lipton,  Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Esther and Jerry Hicks.  I know there’s so many more, Wayne Dyer, comes to mind.  It’s never too early or too late to live the “authentic” you.  But first you have to find out who that person really is.  Start the adventure and start….attracting magic.

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