Finding The Authentic You

In the last blog I talked about new adventures and I encouraged everyone to take a leap, try something new.  This time I’m hoping we can dig a little deeper.  Go beyond going to a new coffee shop or taking a new route to work.  What about if we do that thing that has been scratching for attention, maybe for months, probably for years.  We all have those secret yearnings, the new business you’d love to start, the job at church you’ve been hesitant to volunteer for.  The passion you’ve been longing to pursue.  You feel a nudge to take the leap but then something stops you dead in your tracks.  Usually this “thing” you’ve been pondering is life changing in some way.  And if you delve a little deeper, it’s probably the very thing that will give your life meaning….a new purpose.

So why don’t we do it?  Why do we stay locked into this life of sameness and mediocrity?  It’s all about our thoughts.  Did you know that the brain of a child from the age of birth to six operates primarily at the lowest EEG levels, which are known as delta and theta.  This has been described as a hypnagogic state.  Is that relevant to this discussion, you’re probably asking.  Extremely.

In the theta state a child’s brain is only capable of observing and downloading information.  She has no ability to decipher right from wrong or true from false.  She is simply downloading all the limiting beliefs, the negative comments and labels that she’s heard from her parents, teachers, friends. That becomes her reality. Those programs become hardwired into her brain.  That is the set of beliefs from which she will make  decisions and judgements  for the rest of her life.  Unless she makes a conscious effort to reprogram herself at some later date in life.  So when someone says to you, you’re just like your mother.  Of course, you are.  Why wouldn’t you be?

I was blown away by this.  And that is why I wanted to share it with you.  This bit of knowledge is life-altering. I was completely staggered to think that  as an adult  I was still making decisions and judgements based on the downloads of a six year old

With this bit of knowledge you can see why almost everyone tends to stay in the same old rut.  It’s the mental program we’ve been running for years.  How do you overcome these programs?  By being aware is the first step.   The phrase, “A belief is just a thought you keep thinking” takes on new meaning, doesn’t it?

When I discovered this information, it lit a fire in me.  I was no longer willing to live by somebody else’s thoughts and beliefs that I had downloaded in my youth.  I wanted to find out what I really believed.  I began reading.  I want to share some of the authors that shaped my “new thinking”.   Bruce Lipton,  Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Esther and Jerry Hicks.  I know there’s so many more, Wayne Dyer, comes to mind.  It’s never too early or too late to live the “authentic” you.  But first you have to find out who that person really is.  Start the adventure and start….attracting magic.

New Adventure

Adventure.  An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking.  Even the definition gives me a little thrill.  As you may have surmised, I’m contemplating a new adventure and it’s stirring up all kinds of mixed feelings.  Apprehension.  Fear.  Excitement.  Possibilities of success? Failure?  I’m vacillating back and forth like a rusty saw.  Should I?  Shouldn’t I? One minute I’m opening the door of possibility  a crack, peering inside and seeing all kinds of wonderful things.  And the next minute I’m slamming it shut.

Don’t we all do that when we’re contemplating anything new?  But why?  Why do we slam the door shut?  Why don’t we take a leap?  Is it because we’re afraid of stepping out of our controlled environment?  Even if it’s boring, and mundane.  At least, you say, I know what to expect.  But do you….really?  Trying to keep things the same is trying to control the uncontrollable.  We delude ourselves into thinking  all the people around us and all the circumstances, will always remain the same. Thus we will be safe and comfortable.

Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher, said, “The only constant thing in the world is change.”  Time passes.  We grow older.  Trying to hold fast to the familiar is only a delusion.

The definition of adventure is different for everyone. Your adventure can be as life altering as starting a new business, moving to a new house, taking a trip.  Or it can be as small as eating alone in a restaurant, going to a new coffee shop.  Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes, from life changing to simply creating a unique pleasurable moment. The important thing is that it infuses a spark of excitement into your life.  That it leaves you changed, expanded….. better for the having of it.

I’m advocating today that each of us strike out on an adventure of one sort or another. Disregard the naysayers….and there will be naysayers.  The bigger the adventure the louder the cry of opposition. Step out, do something bold and risky, possibly even with the potential for danger….like skydiving.  Just don’t ask me to join you in those types of adventures.  I prefer my exploits to require both feet planted firmly on the ground.

I implore you.  I urge you.  I challenge you.  Step out, take a chance.  Stir things up. Feel free to share your adventure in the comments below.  We are all waiting to applaud your boldness, whatever form it takes.  Go out.  Seek adventure and start….attracting magic!!

Belief or truth?

Here’s a riddle for you:  If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it did it make a sound?  I’m sure you’ve heard that one before.  ‘Reality is merely an illusion,’ Einstein once admitted, ‘albeit a very persistent one.’  Someone or something must perceive a sound before it can become a reality.  Interesting.  But I’m sure you’re asking, “How does this apply to me?”

It strikes me that beliefs are much the same.  The definition of a belief is a thought you keep thinking.  There is no mention of truth in that statement.  But let’s take this even one step further.  What is the definition of truth?  A fact or belief that is accepted as true.  What???  Didn’t we just say a belief is just a thought you keep thinking and if you think it over and over it becomes true for you.  If that’s true and I believe it is, how can we possibly expect other people to accept our beliefs as absolute truths.  Beliefs are rooted in life experiences.  To a coal miner in Tennessee coal is the life-blood of his family.  To someone else it is polluting the environment and something to be eliminated.

Think about your own personal beliefs, do you believe your body can remain strong and disease free well into your nineties?  Do you believe that we can grow new limbs or that there can be peace in the world?  Back in the fifties no one believed the human body was capable of running a mile in four minutes until Roger Bannister did it.  Then within months people began running the four minute mile all over the world, with no knowledge of Roger’s accomplishment.  Is it possible that our personal beliefs and the universal beliefs are limiting our lives, our accomplishments, our relationships?

So if beliefs and truths are all acquired through personal observations, why do we spend so much time and effort, creating so much angst and division, trying to get others to conform to our beliefs?  Ask yourself which set of beliefs is right?  Who gets to decide?  The president?  The army?  The church?  Every president, army and church has a different set of beliefs and rules.    It’s all very confusing.  Perhaps the answer lies in the acknowledgement that others beliefs might be right for them and not necessarily for you.  Perhaps we should allow them the freedom to believe what they believe.  Perhaps if we didn’t focus on the differing beliefs but rather choose to regard each individual with the eyes of God….with love and respect.  How about if we choose to believe in the inherent goodness that lies within each person.  Focus on that. Keep thinking that thought over and over in our mind.  If a belief is a thought you keep thinking let’s begin examining our thoughts more closely.  Ask yourself does that thought make me feel good or does that thought make me angry or fearful or powerless.  Does that thought make me like my neighbor or become angry or unhappy with my neighbor.  Proverbs 23:7,  As a man thinkest….so he is.  Your thoughts have creative power.  You are constantly in the process of creating something. You can create a life of love and joy  or a life of fear and anger.  You can create a world of hate and animosity or you can create a world where we respect others beliefs.   We will never change a person’s mind by trying to convince them of their wrongeness.  So instead to thinking of our differences think of how we are the same.  Instead of hate or anger….think kindness and tolerance.  We are creating something all the time whether it’s a stronger body or a better world for ourselves and our children.  So start guarding your thoughts.  Start creating personal beliefs that make you and society better.  In other words start…….attracting magic!!


Encouraging Words

I had the most beautiful text message this morning from my niece in another state.  She said her son wanted me to know he made the basketball team.  Then she said thanks for encouraging him.

At first, I was puzzled.  And then I began to recall wisps of a conversation he and I had shared in the car months earlier when I had been down visiting.  I was driving us somewhere and I think we were alone.  I remember he mentioned something about basketball and how he was going to try out but he hadn’t played before and he didn’t know if he would make it.

The  details of our conversation are vague.  The exact words  escape me.  But I know I encouraged him to believe in himself, in his power to create the life he wants to live.  I know I probably pointed out  what you think you attract.  Like Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t.  You’re right.”  A belief is just a thought we keep thinking.  Perhaps I pointed out that thoughts have vibrations like radio waves.  You can’t expect to hear the music on 100.3 when your radio is tuned to 95.5.  I hope I told him that all his power lies in his connection to God and that nothing is more important than strengthening that connection on a daily basis.  The noises of the world clang loudly.  It’s easy to miss the whisper….come this way.  This is the way to empowerment.

If you’re reading this you are an encourager.  The world needs to hear your voice now more than ever.  Especially our young people.  The older they get, alas, our moments of influence become more serendipitous and more infrequent.  So prepare.  Strengthen your connection.  Meditate, quiet your mind.  Hear the whisper and start….ATTRACTING MAGIC.

The Solution is there

Statement of intention: I want to live my life so to demonstrate and share the knowledge  that a loving God is holding the solution to every problem.  Every problem?  Every single tiny little problem? Do you believe it?   Do I believe it?  Yes, I do.  Do I always live like this is true?  No, I don’t.  But I study and I meditate every day and every day I get closer and closer to believing that it is possible to live and embrace life with joy, because God has my back.

Remember when you were little and you had a problem.  You told your mom about it and she said she would take care of it.  You believed her. You went off to play and enjoy your day.  You didn’t stand next to her and make suggestions and doubt that she was going to do what she promised. You didn’t just bust ahead and figure you could do it better.   You believed.  You trusted.

I’m working on upping my trust factor.  By your faith will you be lead to the solution.  Those habitual negative thoughts will creep in.  They always do.  How do you combat them.  Think about God lovingly holding the solution.  Thank him for loving you enough to respond to your every need.  Hold fast to the faith in the existence of the solution.

Don’t try to work out the how, when or why.  Just bask in the knowledge that the solution is there and God is moving the puzzle pieces around.   Don’t you love that.  Doesn’t that take the pressure off?  Isn’t that an enormous relief?  Did you just blow out a huge sigh of relief?  I did.

Live in peace.  Know he’s on it.  EVERYTHING  is working out no matter how it seems.  Take a nap!!!  Then wake up and start…..ATTRACTING MAGIC.

Judging others

I am happy to report, I have expanded my thinking.  I realized I had been holding fast and somewhat ruthlessly to the way I think things ought to be.  To the way I want them to be.  I’ve been trying to control the circumstances of other people’s lives, using my personal yardstick to measure the rightness or wrongness of the situation.

If we’re honest with ourselves we all do it, don’t we?.  We view the world through our personal lens, from our personal preferences.  We create problems where there are no problems, just because people aren’t “doing it” the way we think it should be done.  It’s true in politics, religion, and in our relationships with our neighbors, friends, parents, children.

A different way, does not mean it’s the wrong way.  When I think back over my life I realize I have changed my perspective on different topics several  times over the years.  Rightness or wrongness can be ever changing, evolving.  The world is changing and we must allow it to change.  What was right 40 years ago, or even yesterday, might not be right today.

Could it be possible that the angst we feel about certain situations is nothing more than our insistence that things be done in “our way”, the “old way”?  Could we be judging the rightness or the wrongness of other people’s actions using our yardstick.

I’m guilty.  So…my goal is to take myself off the throne.  I no longer want to define someone else’s path as right or wrong….good or bad.  I’ll even go a step further and say I don’t want to even have an opinion about their choices.

I want to see each person as God sees them, in their highest good.  Years ago my mother told me to see my children not as they were at the time….but how I wanted them to be.  Good advice.  But what about this?  What about if we see everyone as God sees them, full of potential. That’s what I want to do.  I’m going to believe that God is shining a light on their path leading them to their fullest potential.   I’m going to trust in this light and I’m going to turn my flashlight off and take a nap.  All is well.  Now start…..ATTRACTING MAGIC.

Part 2 of Prayer Changes Everything by Dr. Joe Dispenza

  • The Secret of Prayer Part II

Prayer Changes Everything Part II

In Part I of Prayer Changes Everything, I talked about the fact that while many people possess the intent of their prayer, many others miss the corresponding emotions that go with it. I can’t stress this enough—the elevated emotions you feel when thinking about the fruition of your prayer are imperative to its manifestation. In a sense, traditional prayer is an ask, and that’s the problem. If you ask, you are in lack because you are wanting—and wanting means you don’t have it. If, however, you get up as if your prayer has already happened, you’re no longer in lack because you’re feeling the emotions of your future in the present moment.

Thus, the more you experience these elevated emotions, whether it’s gratitude, kindness, love, joy, inspiration, wholeness, etc., the less you feel like your normal, everyday self. Chances are likely then that compared to the daily baseline of your everyday self, to live in these elevated feelings is to live in the unknown.

If you can sustain these elevated feelings independent of your habits and the emotional addictions of your body, you’re going to feel like your prayer has already been answered. This requires you to maintain these heart-centered emotions regardless of the circumstances in your life—those conditions that are made up of certain people, things, and objects at certain times and places. It also means you need to stay present in that new state of being without anticipating your future, which is unconsciously based on the memories of your past. When we can self-regulate these emotions, we’re no longer trying to predict when or where our prayers are going to be answered because we feel like they have already been answered. We could say then that you must feel the emotion(s) ahead of the experience.

When you do this, on some level you are surrendering the when, where, and how your prayers will be answered, and since you’re no longer trying to predict or force outcomes and solutions, this means you’ve moved into a state of trust. So how do you maintain a healthy balance between prayer, intention, surrender, and trust?

Think of your intention as a signal or transmission being sent out, and think of the related elevated feeling as the energy that draws the event back to you. Therefore, at some point you have to let go and surrender how the outcome will manifest—otherwise, if you can predict it, it’s a known. On the contrary, if you can’t predict it, then you are in the unknown.

Your intention is like dropping a stone in a pond. The ripple, or wave it creates, is the signal. The thing is, we never know how big that pond is—that’s the unknown—so sometimes it takes longer than others for that signal to reach the shoreline and bounce back to us. However, because we know the wave is the universe’s law for the transference of energy, we know at some point the signal will find its way back to you, as long as you are in a vibrational match with the energy of the emotion from which you created your prayer.

The second part of surrender is the transcendental moment where we let go and get out of the way. For many people, it’s only when they reach the end of their rope (that’s the known) that they surrender at this level, but the moment they do—that’s the instant they’ve entered the unknown. To get out of the way is to get beyond yourself, and this is an act of trust. To trust at this level is to say, I don’t know how this is going to happen or, I have given everything I have and I’m just going to let go. It’s this letting go process that makes room for something greater to occur.

For many people, although they may pray over and over, sometimes several times a day, beneath their prayer they maintain the underlying belief that they have to be the shaker, mover, and actor who brings their prayers to fruition. Often this brings people to the end of their emotional belief, and it’s there—if they persist, go beyond that limit, and let go—that the miracle or answer to their prayer occurs. Of course, at times action is required, but the point is that when we finally surrender and let go, we allow for something greater to take over. That’s the art and that’s when the magic happens.

When we are finally able to surrender, this is what allows the opening for a greater outcome—disguised as a synchronicity, opportunity, or coincidence—to show up in our life. Often this happening, event, or answer to our prayer is something greater than what we had imagined, or perhaps as something we never could have imagined with our limited, human mind. When you stop trying to figure it out and stop trying to answer your prayers yourself, then you don’t care if or when the answer to your prayer is going to happen—because you know eventually it will. I think this is a really healthy point to be in the creative process, because this is the ultimate state of surrender.

To surrender is to let go to such a degree that you’re no longer waiting for your prayer to be answered. When you release it, you’re no longer in control.

So think about this: How would you live your life if you knew your prayers were going to be answered? Because that’s exactly how your prayers are going to be answered. That’s the moment your life becomes your prayer—and the moment your prayer becomes your life.


I read this and had to share:

Most people do not realize that as they continue to find things to complain about, they disallow their own physical well-being. Many do not realize that before they were complaining about an aching body or a chronic disease, they were complaining about many other things first. It does not matter if the object of your complaint is about someone you are angry with, behavior in others that you believe is wrong, or something wrong with your own physical body. Complaining is complaining, and it disallows improvement.

Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction on 8/31/08



Can I LIKE the outcome of trouble?

I meditated today using  the guided meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  The forty minute one.  In my meditation he said that God, my Source, is arranging things so I’ll LIKE the outcome. I guess I never thought I could end up LIKING the result of contrast, adversity,  trouble.  I guess I always accepted that I would have to put up with, adjust to what the adversity brings.  But today, it became clear that I never really believed that God could arrange the outcome so I would LIKE it.  Huh.

Can I really say when I’m in the middle of something awful that I’ll LIKE the outcome? Can I really trust that God will work it out.? So I don’t have to conform to what I don’t like, to force myself to accept less.  Dare I believe that God is working things out so I’ll actually LIKE the outcome? An amazing thought, isn’t it?  Liberating.  Even to contemplate the possibility that this could be so makes me feel lighter, freer.

Can I trust God enough?  Do I have enough faith?  Jesus says that if I have faith the size of a mustard seed I can move a mountain.  Huh.  I’m beginning to see how I can create my life secure in the knowledge that God intends for me to live a life I enjoy….I LIKE.  I’ll be giving this lots of thought.  I hope you will, too.   Start ……ATTRACTING MAGIC.



Hello friends.  Circumstances seem to be coming at me hard and steady lately.  I feel on shaky ground some of the time.  I use my processes I’ve learned but sometimes nothing seems to work.  But I still persist.  I continue to saturate myself in the words and the promises of God.  Because I know there is no other way to live a happy victorious life.

I mediate every morning.  It’s crucial.  When you sleep, your negative vibrations subside.  But usually, upon waking, it’s the habit of all of us, to pick up the burdens and worries from the day before.  However, while meditating you clear your mind for 15-20 minutes.  Your vibration rises and and you are able to connect with the miracles God has in store.

This morning I was inspired to start a list, THE THINGS I’M LEAVING IN GOD’S HANDS.   My first listing was about the dog shredding the wallpaper off the wall.  Luckily, she’s only ten inches high.  When I place something on the list, I have faith that God is taking care of it.  Faith that I will be inspired to take a certain action or to find the extra wallpaper that is hidden somewhere in this house. Faith that he is moving the puzzle pieces of my life around in a fashion to answer every prayer.

I want the list as tangible evidence of his loving guidance and presence in my life on a moment to moment basis.

There are 3 other things on my list and it’s only 10:30.  The point is when I placed them on the list, I experienced a sense of peace.  I don’t have to worry about the problem or dilemma and

go over and over in my mind how to solve it.  I need only wait for God to surprise and amaze me.  I’m free to fill my mind with other satisfying thoughts that keep me open and receptive to God’s urgings. And when I dwell on these pleasant thoughts for as little as 2 minutes the Law of Attraction will bring me more thoughts like it.  The Law of Attraction is always at work, positively or negatively.

I urge you to to seek out and utilize every avenue you can find to saturate yourself in the promises of God.

So why don’t you start your own list of,THE THINGS I’M LEAVING IN GOD’S HANDS, and start ATTRACTING MAGIC.

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