Ask and it is given.    It’s there. You just need to connect with it.  Jesus said, “Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and the door wil be opened.”

No assertion, only allowing.  How to we allow?  How do we sync up with the magic we desire?  By our thoughts.  Opening our thoughts to the possibilities of what we want.  What prevents that from happening?  Old beliefs.  But what is a belief, after all, but a thought that you keep thinking.

Thinking a thought for more than 17 seconds allows it to gain momentum.  The Law of Attraction then brings you more proof that what you’re thinking is, indeed, true.  64 seconds….more proof….24 hours…more proof….3 years…25 years……A belief.  But it’s true. Isn’t it?

We must examine our lives.  The evidence of truth is there.  But the question is, is it the truth we want. Can we choose a different truth.  If your life is a reflection of your thoughts, ergo, beliefs….do you like what you see?  If you do.  All is well.  If not.  Change your thoughts.

Easier said than done, you say.  The monkey mind.  The habits of thought. It’s not easy, you complain.  And rightly so.   Law of attraction makes if difficult to break the pattern.

What a conundrum, I want, it’s given.  But I can’t get it unless I change my beliefs and I can’t change my beliefs unless I change my thoughts and law of attraction keeps bringing me more of the same.  Whew!!  I give up.

Great.  That’s the perfect place to be.  Surrender.  Believe and trust in God that he will show up in your life.  We think we have to wrestle every problem to the ground and solve it.  But  the answer is already there.  Jesus said so and he don’t lie.

Begin with meditation.  Quiet your mind.  Stop thought.  You become one with the thoughts of God,  the urgings, the impulses that have been there all along. You’ve been too engaged in the problem to see them.  When you become one with God you become one with all power, all possibilities, all love.  Ideas flow.  You don’t have to solve this. You just have to align with God.  If You need to act.  you’ll be inspired.  Try it.  You’ll like it and you’ll begin…..ATTRACTING MAGIC.