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Most people do not realize that as they continue to find things to complain about, they disallow their own physical well-being. Many do not realize that before they were complaining about an aching body or a chronic disease, they were complaining about many other things first. It does not matter if the object of your complaint is about someone you are angry with, behavior in others that you believe is wrong, or something wrong with your own physical body. Complaining is complaining, and it disallows improvement.

Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction on 8/31/08



Can I LIKE the outcome of trouble?

I meditated today using  the guided meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  The forty minute one.  In my meditation he said that God, my Source, is arranging things so I’ll LIKE the outcome. I guess I never thought I could end up LIKING the result of contrast, adversity,  trouble.  I guess I always accepted that I would have to put up with, adjust to what the adversity brings.  But today, it became clear that I never really believed that God could arrange the outcome so I would LIKE it.  Huh.

Can I really say when I’m in the middle of something awful that I’ll LIKE the outcome? Can I really trust that God will work it out.? So I don’t have to conform to what I don’t like, to force myself to accept less.  Dare I believe that God is working things out so I’ll actually LIKE the outcome? An amazing thought, isn’t it?  Liberating.  Even to contemplate the possibility that this could be so makes me feel lighter, freer.

Can I trust God enough?  Do I have enough faith?  Jesus says that if I have faith the size of a mustard seed I can move a mountain.  Huh.  I’m beginning to see how I can create my life secure in the knowledge that God intends for me to live a life I enjoy….I LIKE.  I’ll be giving this lots of thought.  I hope you will, too.   Start ……ATTRACTING MAGIC.



Hello friends.  Circumstances seem to be coming at me hard and steady lately.  I feel on shaky ground some of the time.  I use my processes I’ve learned but sometimes nothing seems to work.  But I still persist.  I continue to saturate myself in the words and the promises of God.  Because I know there is no other way to live a happy victorious life.

I mediate every morning.  It’s crucial.  When you sleep, your negative vibrations subside.  But usually, upon waking, it’s the habit of all of us, to pick up the burdens and worries from the day before.  However, while meditating you clear your mind for 15-20 minutes.  Your vibration rises and and you are able to connect with the miracles God has in store.

This morning I was inspired to start a list, THE THINGS I’M LEAVING IN GOD’S HANDS.   My first listing was about the dog shredding the wallpaper off the wall.  Luckily, she’s only ten inches high.  When I place something on the list, I have faith that God is taking care of it.  Faith that I will be inspired to take a certain action or to find the extra wallpaper that is hidden somewhere in this house. Faith that he is moving the puzzle pieces of my life around in a fashion to answer every prayer.

I want the list as tangible evidence of his loving guidance and presence in my life on a moment to moment basis.

There are 3 other things on my list and it’s only 10:30.  The point is when I placed them on the list, I experienced a sense of peace.  I don’t have to worry about the problem or dilemma and

go over and over in my mind how to solve it.  I need only wait for God to surprise and amaze me.  I’m free to fill my mind with other satisfying thoughts that keep me open and receptive to God’s urgings. And when I dwell on these pleasant thoughts for as little as 2 minutes the Law of Attraction will bring me more thoughts like it.  The Law of Attraction is always at work, positively or negatively.

I urge you to to seek out and utilize every avenue you can find to saturate yourself in the promises of God.

So why don’t you start your own list of,THE THINGS I’M LEAVING IN GOD’S HANDS, and start ATTRACTING MAGIC.


I wanted to share this with you.  I love to pass on anything that inspires me.  And nothing inspires me more than the Power of Prayer.  This is by Dr. Joe Dispenza, from his newsletter.  This is part 1.  I’ll pass on part 2 when it’s published, or sign up for his newsletter.  Feel free to share any your thoughts, feelings or experiences in the comment section. I’d love to create a caring community.  Together we can change the world.


Prayer Changes Everything

People often ask me why their prayers seem to go unanswered. To answer this question, we first have to ask ourselves, what is a prayer? A prayer is a thought that possesses the quality of directed intention. It’s holding a specific outcome in our minds with the objective of connecting to a greater power for assistance. Because prayer and faith tend to go hand in hand, we next need to ask ourselves, what is faith? We could say that faith is believing in thought more than anything else—more than the current conditions in our present-personal reality or any challenges in our external environment. The intersection of faith and prayer probably needs to be addressed at this point. When used together to produce a specific outcome, we could say that when we get up from our prayer as if our desired outcome has already happened, we are in the right state of mind and body—in other words, we’re in a new state of being. Let’s take a step back for a moment and look at the process of prayer.

Let’s say that we see certain circumstances in our life, or someone else’s life, that seem to be undesirable. When we anticipate a familiar scenario, we’re able to forecast a predictable outcome. In fact, we begin to expect a future worst-case scenario in our mind, and as we do this, we can feel the negative emotions (emotions based in the hormones of stress) before the actual event occurs. Now we’re anticipating a future outcome based on a past experience, but it’s not the possible outcome that’s upsetting us. It’s the correlating emotions of fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, suffering, sadness, or pain that really make the biggest impression on us. At times like this, many of us turn to prayer.

For most people, prayer begins as a thought in our brain. That thought then creates a stream of thoughts, and because the brain is an anticipation machine, we can see a highly probable reality unfolding, so we begin to see a better alternative outcome in our mind. As we do this, we start to imagine a better future experience. Because our brains are wired to create, we can naturally do this. This is called an intention. Next, when we put ourselves in the scene of our prayer, we start to feel the emotions that correlate to the fruition of that prayer (the thought in our mind becomes the experience, and the end-product of that experience is an emotion). As a result, our brain and body start to live in the future—in the present moment. Humans can do this so well that we can feel the emotion of that reality ahead of the experience. This occurs because we automatically start to create scenes and images of what we may experience when our prayer comes to fruition.

The problem starts when we open our eyes and don’t immediately see our prayers answered. And so while we may initially live in the emotion of our prayer while we’re praying, when we come back to our senses and open our eyes, we see that our prayer has not yet materialized, or worse—appears to be unanswered. This is when we start to feel doubt, lack, and separation from that very thing we’re praying for. As a consequence, we try harder, pray harder, force, wish, beg, hope, and plead with God, source energy, or whatever you want to call the creative energy of all that is. We do this because that’s what separation creates. Our senses fool us into believing that we are separate from our creation. Now we’re not only separate from our creation, but we’re separate from the very intelligence with which we are attempting to connect.

While many people possess the intent of their prayer, many others miss the corresponding emotions that go with it. Once they have lost the feeling or emotion, they are back in lack, and each time they do this they are creating from a state of separation—instead of a state of connectedness, wholeness, love, and oneness. If thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body, and how we think and how we feel creates our state of being, it makes sense that mind and body are in opposition. The mind is holding the intent but the body is saying, “It’s not happening.”

So how do we change that? It requires us to really open our hearts and feel gratitude as if our prayer has already been answered. Why? Because gratitude is a state of receivership. We give thanks when we are receiving something or have already received it. When we do this properly and enough times, we start to feel the emotion of our future, and the more we feel that emotion, the more our body becomes conditioned to that feeling.

The result is that each time we get up from our prayer as if our prayer has already been answered—that is to say, in the feeling of the fruition of our prayer—the aftereffect is that we try, force, and want less because now we are in a new state of being. In a sense, we feel as if it has already happened.

What is happening in this process is that we are moving closer to wholeness, instead of lack or separation. Now we are no longer trying to predict the when, where, or how the answer to our prayer is going to happen, because we feel like it already has happened. This is how we make room for the unknown. Now a new possibility that we haven’t thought of can manifest in our reality. This is how we move from living in the Newtonian world of the predictable and the known to the quantum world of the unpredictable or the unknown.

In this work, we don’t pray to have our prayers answered; we get up as if they are already answered. The key to this skill is to maintain that state of being independent of the conditions in our external environment. To remain in this state independent of past habits and emotions stored in the body—which have been programmed to be the mind—and to maintain that new state of being independent of time, is to move beyond the illusion of what our senses are telling us and into in a whole new reality in our mind. In short, it’s not so much about saying that prayer as it is living the prayer.

Stay tuned for Part II where we’ll discuss what it means to surrendering to your prayer, let go, and trust.


I listened to an Abraham Hicks, on youtube.  “Stop overwhelment and self-sabotage”.  It was all about finding satisfaction.  I always take notes and I wrote this down….satisfaction is the absence of resistance, the key to everything I want.  That is my quest: satisfaction.

But it isn’t until you incorporate the words into your life and your heart that they come alive for you.  In every situation, in every moment in your life there are a myriad of satisfying and unsatisfying things going on around you.    Example: as I was getting ready for my shower, I noticed some mold on my shower wall (please don’t judge me). Almost simultaneously I noticed the beautiful breeze flowing in from my open window.

I had a choice in that moment.  I could have focused on the mold and how disgusted I was about it.  And the universe would have brought me more thoughts like it and that would have gathered momentum.  But instead, I choose the breeze and I reveled in the delicious feeling  on my skin.  And then I was prompted to rush right here and share this revelation with you.  Because it’s so simple isn’t it?  And once we’re aware of the simplicity of it all, of life, you will never be able to go back.  You will have expanded.  You will be more aware in every moment of the choice and perhaps, once today you will choose to ignore the unsatisfying aspects of any given moment and instead you will make a conscience decision to choose satisfying.  And tomorrow you might make the choice two times and after awhile you’ll begin to notice you’re looking for the satisfaction in life.  You’re beginning to enjoy life more.

Choose satisfaction and begin…..ATTRACTING MAGIC.

Pass it on

I’ve just returned home from taking my granddaughter to school.  I feel compelled to share with you our morning ritual.  The ritual I have conducted with each of my three grandchildren every morning of every day of their career in elementary school.

First:  we close our eyes and I have her take a deep breath pulling  God up into her body through her feet, her tummy, to the top of her head.  Then exhale.  Then she takes a deep breath and pulls God down from heaven and fills every cell of her body from the top of her heads to the tips of her toes. And exhale. Then she takes one last deep breath and pushes God ten feet all around her, in front, in back, to the right, the left, above and below.  I tell her to feel him surrounding her, hugging her, guiding her, and loving her.  One loud exhale and we’re done.

Second:  We do a few I Am statements.  I say I Am and she fills in the blank.

Third:  We say 3 times fast and loud:  Bender’s are leaders.

Fourth:  Who created you, I ask her.  God, she replies.  Who is with you at all times loving you, guiding you, streaming every good thing toward you.  And she replies, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Fifth:  How do we create our life, I ask.  Happy thoughts, she answers. I ask her to name one happy thought.

Sixth:  Two final statements.  I say,  I am going to change the world…..she says, by being me.  And tell her that God created her exactly how he wanted her to be and she doesn’t need to change one thing.  He loves her exactly as she is.  Finally, I say, everything is always…..working out for me, she answers.  And then I give her my blessing.  The favor of the Lord be with you.  A hedge of protection be around you.  And the joy of the spirit be within you.

Why do I do this?  Because our only real power lies in our connection with God. I know this so clearly.  And it’s my deepest desire for my grandchildren to grow up  living by this knowledge.  Witnessing the power in their own lives.  Will they fail?  Will they get knocked done, discouraged?  Heck yes.  But it’s my fervent prayer that the words we repeated over and over, morning after morning will come back to them and they’ll know that they have the power to rise up victorious through the power of God.

Isn’t it worth taking the time to get connected ourselves?  To live in our power.   Who will tell them these things?  Who will demonstrate the power of living a life connected to God, if it isn’t you? God leads us through many different avenues, holy books, church, youtube videos, sirius radio….dare I hope this blog.   So make it a top priority,  get connected, using every avenue you can find and start…..ATTRACTING MAGIC….for you and your family.

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